Navy SEAL, accomplished musician, lover, fighter, up-all-nighter. Is there anything JASE TAYLOR‘s not good at?

I sat down with Jase (one of the stars in the upcoming tell-all series: Don’t Close Your Eyes) for some quality Q&A time at the local bar he’s a regular performer at to get to the bottom of these questions and the much-hushed explosion of recent news events he’s been intimately involved with.

DSoL: “First of all, the question that all of us lady fans have for you: You’re use to women swooning over you onstage, how do you handle all the attention and affection?” He laughs and peels at the label on his beer.

JT: “With a lot more grace than I used to, that’s for sure. I guess you could say the past couple [of] years have opened my eyes and helped me mature socially, emotionally and professionally.”

DSoL: “Speaking of profession, how do you go from Navy SEAL, to musician, to crime syndicate involvement?”

JT: “Very carefully.” He laughs. “Love got me in, and love got me out.”

DSoL: “Love- that’s an interesting word for a reputed ladies man of your caliber. Can you expand on that?”

JT: “Look, it’s clear you’re fishing for information on my involvement with Kinsley James. Just come right out with it. If you want me to confess that I loved her, then yes. I loved her then, I still love her now. You can love someone and not be IN love with them. And before you ask, yes I used to be in love with her.”

DSoL: “So what changed?”

JT: “When two hearts compete for one, all three end up broken.”

DSoL: “Are you referring to Keane Keller, Klive King or Adrian Miller?”

JT: “Look, there’s two types of girls: girls with girlfriends, and girls with guy friends. Kinsley’s a bit of a tomboy at heart and craves competition. Her track [and field] records are evidence of that. A lot of girls are threatened by her. Guys aren’t. They won’t treat her like she’s a snob for her ambition. If a dude is threatened, maybe he needs to be…”

Yikes. Subject change.

DSoL: “You’re a bit of legend in the Special Ops community, what’s your take on that label?”

JT: “Dunno about that. Sometimes silence contributes to the growth of legends. Did Davy Crockett really kill a bear when he was only 3? Was he really king of the wild frontier? Was he truly the last one standing at the Alamo?

“Funny how legends get bigger over time. Legends are born by people who think in the realm of the impossible. People would say the feats of Alexander and Patton were impossible until they did them. In the teams, the impossible is a daily occurrence. Ordinary men, extraordinary circumstances.”

DSoL: “It had to be pretty scary fighting the Taliban. What was that like?”

JT: “Everyone wants to hear fearless tales of heroism. Let me tell you right now, anyone who says they haven’t pissed their pants in combat is full of [bleep]. Not literally of course, but anyone who says they aren’t scared in combat is a liar no matter what their title or reputation. I bet even Davy Crockett was pissing his pants when he realized he wasn’t gonna leave the Alamo alive. But there again, his legend only grew even more.

“I think surviving combat is more heroic than dying in it due to the demons you live with everyday that are scarier than any flesh and blood enemy you face. They live on in your mind long after the enemy is dead.”

DSoL: “Do you think PTSD played a role in your post-military career?”

JT: “You mean Nightshade. Again. Just come out and ask. When the truth is declassified it will be an even bigger shocker. Things aren’t always what they seem to be. After everything, what’s another demon? I love a good fight.”

DSoL: “Speaking of demons and classified information, can you tell us why you were discharged from the SEALs?”

JT: “I’d still like to know that answer myself.”

DSoL: “Interesting. So you were never told why you were being removed from service?”

JT: “It’s still a sore subject. I love my country, I love my team and I was heartbroken to be removed from service. Who wants to be separated from their brothers.”

DSoL: “Speaking of brotherhood, you and Klive King seem to be as close as brothers. You’re always seen together-”

JT: “Yes, Klive is about as close as those I served with and we would die for one another. We’d also die for Kinsley, too. So before you ask me anything more, how about just defer to the story when it comes out. We were all three kind enough to share in how everything transpired. To take a line out of King’s book, I will say no more on the matter.”

I can tell I’ve upset him, so I ask one final light question.

DSoL: “I’ve heard you’ve got quite the comic book collection. Would you consider yourself more of a Superman or Clark Kent?”

His lips quirk, and I’m relieved.

JT: “Neither, I don’t have a kryptonite [anymore]. I’m more of a Punisher kind of guy. But I did find my Lois Lane. And I’ll just leave it at that.”





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