The Dark Side of Light encompasses the nature that there will always be a darker side to the light that even the purest people seem to portray. I’m a realist and like to look deeper into a person’s psyche instead of taking things for face value.

That being said, I’m not trying to taint an image of a great person or say that there is something there to hide. I’m simply saying that I get tired of watching people masquerade on social media and hide behind smiles when there are real pains and struggles we all face and deal with. If we were more open and honest about those things, we could bring them to light and they couldn’t hurt us or others as deeply as they do.

As a novelist, especially when writing my darker stuff, I investigate the things people choose to live with and keep inside of them, then incorporate similarities into my fiction. This is why I incorporate character interviews into regular blog posts. It’s cool to learn what makes them tick, no matter how controversial.

As for who I am? You can learn more about me and my work at